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We provide IT support for businesses throughout West & Central Scotland.

We understand how important your IT systems are to your business. When your computer stops working, you can’t work either. We pride ourselves in resolving problems as quickly as possible, as cost-effectively as possible, and with a minimum of disruption to your business.

If you would like to enquire about the options available or if you’d like to discuss contracting Stirling IT to provide technical support for your business, please get in touch by phone or email, or fill out our Request a Call form and we’ll phone you back as soon as we can.

This page aims to explain some of the ways Stirling IT can help you.

New Installations

New Installations

Setting up a new company, or expanding to new premises? We’ll get you started.

We supply and set up computers, servers, software, peripherals, and all the networking equipment you need to be operational. If you are replacing old computers we can also migrate your data and emails across.

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Upgrade Your Office

Get better performance out of your existing systems by upgrading them.

We offer a consultation service whereby an engineer from Stirling IT will visit your office to get an overview of all the hardware and software you are currently using, in order to identify problem areas and recommend hardware or software upgrades which will improve performance.

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Backups & Storage

Protect your company’s data with regular, reliable backups.

Don’t risk losing critical data due to fire, flooding, human error, or otherwise. We’ll get you set up with a backup system tailored to be most effective for you, based on the size of your business, how frequently backups must be updated, amount of data needing stored, and other such factors.

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Networking & Cloud

Take advantage of shared network resources to increase productivity and make life easier.

Whether you need employees to have access to a printer or scanner, or you need files to be centralised so staff can share data more easily, we can help. We can also fix networking problems, expand your WiFi coverage, help you set up VOIP for sending and receiving calls over the internet, and more.

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Troubleshooting and Repairs

Repairs & Troubleshooting

Computer trouble? We can diagnose and fix almost any problem.

If your computer is suffering software errors, hardware failure, viruses or pop-ups, or if it’s a problem affecting multiple computers or shared devices, we’ll figure out what’s wrong and get it fixed.

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VOIP Telephony

Reduce your monthly phone costs by switching to VOIP.

VOIP stands for Voice Over IP, which is a method of using the internet for voice communication (ie. phonecalls). We can supply all the equipment and software you need to switch from old-fashioned line rental to internet telephony.

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