Work more efficiently by upgrading your office.

The major sources of IT problems we deal with are outdated equipment, old and unsupported software, and lack of consistency throughout a company’s network.

We find that this situation is normally the result of equipment being added to the network without any planning over a long period of time, for reasons such as staff turnover, equipment failure, or sudden growth of the business.

(It’s analogous to a garden which has grown wild without a gardener.)

We offer a consultation service whereby an engineer from Stirling IT will visit your office to get an overview of all the hardware and software you are currently using, in order to identify problem areas.

Once we have this overview we can make recommendations of upgrades, new equipment, or restructuring, in order to improve performance, reduce downtime and put you back in control.

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What upgrades do we offer?

PC Upgrades

PC Upgrades

  • HDD to SSD conversion
  • Multi-Monitor expansion
  • Microsoft Windows upgrades

PCs purchased within the last few years can often have new life breathed into them through affordable upgrades, making them perform better than new.

New Equipment

New Equipment

  • Desktop PCs & Laptops
  • Printers & Scanners
  • Software (inc. installation)

We can replace old and outdated IT equipment, from computers to peripherals to software. This includes delivery and setup in your office.

Server & Sharing

Server & Sharing

  • Upgrade to Windows Server
  • Shared folders & devices
  • Scan to server or FTP

Adding a server to your network gives you more control over user accounts, shared network folders, security and backups.



  • Advanced router options
  • Better switches & cabling
  • Expand WiFi coverage

Poor networking can slow down the whole office. We can improve connectivity and even add WiFi coverage to rooms with poor or no signal.

Here are some of the type of questions we’ll try to answer during the consultation:

  • How many computers are in your office?
  • Do they run sufficiently fast to be usable?
  • What operating systems do they use (eg. Windows, Linux, OSX)?
  • Have you got a backup system in place? Is it working?
  • Do you use file and printer sharing?
  • Have you got a central server, or do you use the Cloud?
  • Is your network reliable and fast?
  • Are there any “dead” spots where WiFi doesn’t work?
  • …etc.

If you’re unsure whether to upgrade, ask us for advice.

Lots of things can affect the performance of your computer systems – more than you might expect.

For example, a computer might be running slow because it has adware, spyware or viruses installed. But the same symptoms can appear for a variety of other reasons, such as lots of programs running at startup, an old HDD (where your operating system and files are stored), insufficient RAM (where programs currently in use are stored for quick access by the operating system), and so on.

If you do not have much technical experience it may seem daunting, but we are here to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.

When we visit your office for a consultation we will analyse your IT setup in as much detail as possible so we can identify what’s holding you back.

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